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Design Build Construction with The Tamora Group

The Top 3 Ways Design Build With Tamora Makes Construction Easier

  • Single point of contact and responsibility 

  • Collaborative design process 

  • Faster project completion 

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Design Build Construction Means One Point of Responsibility

Design-build uses a single contact for the entire project: you only have to call your team at The Tamora Group. You don’t have to juggle subcontractors or even a general contractor and architect! 


With The Tamora Group, your team of in-house design coordinators and outsourced consultants work closely to guarantee we meet your program requirements AND budget and scheduling demands. 


Your team is made up of construction professionals with decades upon decades of combined experience. They’ll focus their skills and education gained across multi-million dollar projects built in industries like aviation, commercial, industrial, manufacturing, processing, distribution, warehousing, self-storage, and even recreational facility construction. 


Everyone working under the same roof reduces the chance of mistakes being made. Our teams know each other, they know their jobs, and design-build construction (especially with metal building systems) is what we specialize in. 


We confidently guide your project from the first sketches through handing you the keys. We’re best able to harness our best talents to efficiently complete projects with design-build and we’ve helped our clients create hundreds of successful design-build construction projects. 


In fact, we’ve won quite a few awards for our work as a design-build specialist and Butler Builder®:  

  • High-Performance Builder  

    • 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022 

  • Million Dollar Builder 

    • 2011, 2015, 2017, 2019 

  • $10 Million Builder, $15 Million Builder, $20 Million Builder, $25 Million Builder, $30 Million Builder ​

Design Build Construction Creates a Collaborative Design Process

Your goal is building the highest value, most efficient facility and a project that hits your deadlines and stays within your budget and you’re in luck — that’s our goal too. 


From our first meeting, we use your particular needs to plan and design your ideal building solution. 


In the design-build process, the design and construction teams work together from the beginning of the project to develop a design that meets the client's needs and budget. This collaboration enables the team to identify and resolve issues early on, reducing the potential for costly change orders and delays during construction. 

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